Comprehensive Eye Exams from Your Fresno Optometrist

Regular comprehensive eye exams and vison exams are essential for everyone from children to seniors. Many eye diseases from glaucoma to hypertensive and diabetic eye diseases to corneal diseases and cataracts may not have demonstrable early symptoms and so prompt diagnosis and treatment is essential to maintain good eye health. Your Fresno optometrist at 20/20 Optometric, Dr. Thomas R. Casagrande OD is uniquely trained and experienced to conduct comprehensive eye exams as well as vision exams and contact lens exams for you and your entire family.

What to Expect from Your Comprehensive Eye Exam

The eye exam from your Fresno optometrist Dr. Casagrande begins with a complete ocular history. This includes any history of eye problems or injuries and questions about your general health. If you do have any eye problems or conditions, more information will be gathered to assess when the conditions began. Dr. Casagrande will ask for a detailed history of all medications taken on a regular basis and any history of work or environmental exposures. A complete family history of eye problems will also be gathered.

Checking Vision and Eye Function During Your Comprehensive Eye Exam

A vision exam will then begin to check visual acuity at 20 feet. Near vision will also be checked as well as color vision and depth perception. Extraocular motion of eye muscles will then be checked and pupillary responses to light will be evaluated. A Keratometer will then be used to check the curvature of the cornea (outer clear layer of the eye).

After this usually refraction is done to determine the correct lens power needed to correct for myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and presbyopia (need for reading glasses). Oftentimes, automatic computer refraction will be done to check the need for glasses or contacts.

A Slit lamp exam will also be done by your Fresno optometrist to examine the front portions of the eye including the cornea. An eye pressure test for glaucoma will also be done along with an examination of the lens of the eye to examine for cataracts. A dilated exam will then be conducted eye to check the retina (back nerve layer of the eye) to check for diabetic or hypertensive changes.

Call us today for Your Comprehensive Eye Exam

A yearly or bi-annual comprehensive eye exam is essential to check for potential new eye condition and the progress of chronic eye conditions. At 20/20 Optometric of Fresno, Dr. Thomas R. Casagrande OD and our entire eyecare team will ensure that your vision exam and comprehensive eye exam will be tailored to monitor any existing problems and to evaluate any new ones. Dr. Casagrande is a graduate of the Southern California College of Optometry and the University of California, Berkeley Ocular Therapeutics Program. and has been practicing Optometry for over 30 years. He has the required expertise to ensure you and your family’s most comprehensive eye exams possible. Call us today at (559) 221-8900 to schedule a Comprehensive Eye Exam.