Vision Therapy

Expert Care for Enhanced Visual Abilities with Leesha Havens, MEd

Welcome to 20/20 Optometric of Fresno, where we specialize in advanced vision therapy services under the expert guidance of Leesha Havens, MEd, our dedicated vision therapy specialist. Leesha brings a wealth of knowledge and a personalized approach to help you achieve optimal visual health.

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision Therapy, led by Leesha Havens, MEd, is a progressive program of vision exercises tailored to each patient's individual needs. It’s designed to correct specific vision issues and enhance visual skills, offering a comprehensive solution beyond standard eye care.

Who Can Benefit?

Our services are effective for a range of patients, both children and adults, especially those with conditions such as:

  • Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

  • Strabismus (Crossed Eyes)

  • Binocular Vision Problems

  • Visual-Motor and Oculomotor Skills

  • Eye Tracking, Focusing, and Eye Teaming Difficulties

Our Specialist's Approach

Leesha Havens, MEd, specializes in vision therapy and employs a detailed, patient-centered approach:

  • Conducting in-depth vision assessments to identify specific needs

  • Creating customized vision therapy plans

  • Utilizing the latest tools and techniques, including lenses, prisms, and digital exercises

  • Monitoring progress and adapting the therapy plan as needed

Why Choose Leesha Havens, MEd?

  • Dedicated Expertise: With extensive training in vision therapy, Leesha offers a level of care that goes beyond traditional methods.

  • Tailored Programs: Understanding that each patient is unique, Leesha designs therapy programs specifically suited to individual visual challenges.

  • Modern Techniques: Our clinic is equipped with the latest in vision therapy technology, ensuring the most effective treatment.

  • Supportive Care: Leesha and our staff provide continuous support, making each step in your vision therapy journey comfortable and informed.

Begin Your Journey with Leesha Havens, MEd

Ready for a transformative vision therapy experience? Contact us at 559-221-8900 to schedule an appointment with Leesha Havens, MEd, or to learn more about our specialized services.